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Lol they lovenbreaking there own games..
Procedural is the new buzz word. Everybodt is gonna do it, none will be similar in execution.
Yeah, it's been on their patch notes in some form for a while. I'm expecting the first version to be kinda broken.
Shnikies. Was not expecting that. Frink did you know that was coming?
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Welcome to The World Z

Grant posted Oct 24, 12
Welcome to The World Z, a multi-game gaming community with roots in survival gaming, such as Arma 2 Epoch, Arma 3 Epoch and Exile, 7 Days to Die, H1Z1, the DayZ SA and The Division.  We will explore other survival games as they come along.
We play a variety of other MMORPG/MMOTPS/MMOFPS and are always looking to bring new people into the fold. As new games that interest us are released we give our members stability and a place to call home
Our mission statement is to provide an enjoyable environment with PvP when you want it, not to have it forced on you at every single turn. The people here enjoy PvP, but also place a high value on the survival aspect of these games. Our current server selection is an ARK: Survival Evolved server with The Island map and a 7 Days to Die server with a random gen map.  Info can be found at the server tab at the top of this page or by applying at the link below:
If you're new here: 
2. If you're accepted in, verify yourself through TeamSpeak (TeamSpeak Info)
3. Play!

You can be the dinosaur.  You can breed with other dinosaurs.

Also, footage from the Redwood Biome: Notice the Ewok thingy.

Professor_Goat thats the first thing that popped into my head. they buy the rights for that? lol
Grant Ya...yub
Sylvie How are they going to get away with that, I wonder? That was literally an Ewok.

Days Gone for PS4

Atreides Ghola posted Jun 13, 16

A Sons of Anarchy Zed Game.

They keep taking down the gameplay video, sorry folks.  Which is too bad, because the zombie hoard is impressive - think World War Z.

Looking good, too!

State of Decay 2!

Atreides Ghola posted Jun 13, 16

Looks like it'll have 4 player co-op!

Atreides Ghola It'll have the new cross-buy, too. All MS Studio games - if you purchase them digitally - gets you a copy for Xbox...

Click the picture for the story

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